Roztez 2000 programme

PROGRAMME: Alchemy seminar grade 1: Preparation of a Magistery of Rosemary Theory With the help of photographic slides we shall build some basic understanding of alchemical principles and techniques.Subjects included:Alchemy as a Science in its own right.The three Philosophical Principles or Essentials (Sulfur, Mercury and Salt).Solve et Coagula as basic alchemical principle and technique.Philosophical and […]

Slavnostní otevření 16. května 2002

Program koncertu koncert 16.5. 20.00 kaple Božího těla v Kutné Hoře I. ALCHIMIA Rituál Criador Materia Prima – Chaos Rtuť/Mercury: O virgo splendens Síra/Sulphur: Sibilla provencale Kámen Elohenu welohe II. KAREL IV. Angelica christi turma Serena mente iubila Resultet gens angelica Účinkují/Musicians: Hana Blochovázpěv, varhanní portativ, gotická harfaPavel Polášekšalmaj, kornamusa, santur, flétny, zvířecí rohy, zpěvLubomír […]

The Hermetic College

at Roztez Chateau near Kutna Hora, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic sponsored by The alchemy museum in kutna hora and michal pober In the course of preparing the Museum we decided to give the Hermetic College a brief Sabbatical, after two successful Summer Workshops. Not only do we plan to continue our programmes there in the the Summer […]

Procházka po muzeu

Po dobu přípravy stránky nabízíme k prohlédnutí několik obrázků laboratoře a oratoře. dr. Karel Horák Pavel Wellner dr. Karel Horák Pavel Wellner dr. Karel Horák dr. Karel Horák dr. Karel Horák dr. Karel Horák dr. Karel Horák Martina Řezáčová dr. Karel Horák Michal Pober Previous Next

Zamek Roztez – Roztez Chateau

Roztez, a faded, formerly grand chateau, situated in a magnificent secluded location with grounds which contain spectacular trees, has an interesting history, particularly as the former Hunting Lodge of the colourful sponsor of the Arts, Count Sporck, sometimes known as the Father of Czech Freemasonry (picture below). He was the publisher of over 150 books, […]